EARLY ALERT
Thank you for utilizing BTC's Early Alert reporting system to submit an alert regarding a student in your course about whom you are concerned. These alerts are automatically sent to BTC's Counselors and to the Director of Advising. Your Early Alert submission is confidential and students will never see your alert submission or any of the comments that you include as part of your alert submission.
To submit an Early Alert follow these instructions:
1 - enter a student's SID in the SID field and click Lookup
2 - in the Alert Details section, select an Alert Type (If the student has multiple issues,
     please select the most urgent as the Early Alert type and list the others in the 
     Comments section)
3 - enter detailed comments in the Comments text box. Note: comments are never seen
     by students. Comments are viewed by BTC Counselors and the Director of Advising
     and Career Services.  
4 - enter your course's title in the Course Title section (enter the course title exactly as
     it appears in the quarterly schedule)
5 - enter your First Name
6 - enter your Last Name
7 - enter your BTC Email address
If you have questions about whether to report your concerns about students via this Early Alert system or via the 3rd or 6th Week Progress Reports, or questions about how this information is used, or what type of outreach is conducted by the Counselors and Advising staff, please contact either BTC's Director of Advising, Caryn Regimbal (cregimbal@btc.edu, 360.752.8396) or BTC's Counselor, Nara Samuels (nsamuels@btc.edu, 360.752.8441).
If you have technical questions about the Early Alert reporting system, please contact BTC's Communications Relations Management (CRM) Specialist Chris Flack (cflack@btc.edu, 360.752.8366).
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